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Company Profile

  Shanghai Junya International Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2003, has been committed to the communication with China small and medium-sized enterprises, selection excellent enterprise with service consciousness, quality assurance consciousness, integrity awareness to serve overseas customers. More than ten years we have formed the scale of sales in the hardware, hand tools, electric tools, marine spare-parts, food machinery, food and beverage machinery accessories and other fields.
  At present, the company has a total of 15 types of professionals, there are nearly one hundred manufacturers of stable supply relationships with us , among which more than seventy manufacturers have good relationship more than five years with our company.
  In order to provide better services to overseas customers, we established overseas company (Jingoo Asian Co. Ltd.) in June 2007, and production factory (Nantong Jinchenxing Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.,)  in January 2008.  So that further improved the rapid development, QC proofing products, small scale production, especially in processing with supplied drawings, product customization, packaging replacement etc., which had given our customers more convenience.
  According to customer demand, taking quality as the core, establishing and maintaining the essence of products’ own characteristics and style, organizing and cooperating Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises to manufacture marketable products.
  Shanghai Junya International Trade Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting the facility, reliability, and transparency of international trade, with the goal of establishing itself as an international commercial chain service provider.

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